Weight Loss Rules for Lasting Results

If you decide to start a weight loss programme, you would definitely want the results to be permanent. Going through all the trouble of exercise routines, eating healthy food, etc. for a long period of time to take of weight, deserves the reward of a slimmer you with the flab gone forever.

healthy food

Develop the right lifestyle

Putting up with dieting and exercising for a short period of time is useless. How loose weight and ensure you stay fit and trim you have to be firm, making the changes in your diet – permanent is a goal many people strive for. An occasional deviation to enjoy certain foods is OK, but if you cut those calories just for a short time reverting to your previous eating ways, you will put back all the weight before you know it.

A gradual process

When you go in for weight loss, you should track the number of pounds you are able to shed say in the first two months. If you see you have lost a decent amount of weight, you will feel motivated. Because of for the first couple of weeks you should watch your diet strictly to help with momentum.

Do not consume sugar, unrefined carbs and alcohol. After the first two weeks you could add small quantities of the abovementioned foods to your diet. But incorporate them in such a way that will allow you to stay healthy. Track the number of drinks you have and limit foods like pizza etc to a slice at a time.

Cardio and strength training

Which exercises really help your body to build muscle and increase your calorie-burning ability and metabolism is the interval and strength training. It is recommended that you do strength training at least 2-3 days in a week. Cardio exercises could be done for 3-5 sessions which will help you to burn around 400 calories at each session, I train with my weight loss coach in Melbourne every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

When you work out you will automatically burn fat and calories and your metabolism gets a boost to build muscle. However, if you overestimate the amount of calories you burn and underestimate the amount you take in your body will sense the difference and your hunger pangs will go up. This will in turn make you want to hog food and destroy all the good work of calories already burnt.

Beware of junk food

When it comes to food you should know that not all calories are the same. Some processed foods are high in fat and starch and are capable of causing inflammation. Such inflammation affects the hormone messages that inform your brain that you should be feeling ‘full’. Because of this you then eat more and often turn to junk food. It is like trying to make do with just one serving of chips – you cannot stop there! How many calories per day should I eat depends on how much exercise you do, and what your current weight is.

So you need to spruce up your diet and instead go in for unprocessed foods such as lean protein, vegetables and healthy fats. After a few weeks your brain will get regular hunger signals and you will not feel the need to go on binging on junk food.

A good tip would be to keep a record of the meals you eat when going in for weight loss. It will help you to be more accountable when choosing and eating food and in the process make you more accountable.