Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer Explains The afterburn effect

Be it sleeping or doing yoga or just to sit doing nothing requires energy. Researchers have also said that the more you work more are the calories you burn. However, this is not to be followed strictly. Always there is something more to a one sided story, as a qualified cert 3 personal trainer – here are my thoughts.

Afterburn effect means excessive post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Explaining in simpler terms, more intense exercises done by you will eventually lead to oxygen consumption from your body. Therefore, there has to be a proper routine of the fitness training performed by you. It will help you in not burning more calories or reduce in excess oxygen consumption from your body.

In a study, participants who cycled continuously for around an hour burned around 190-200 calories more in the 14 hours after exercise compared to the days when they did not work out. It means that this kind of training can be useful in fighting health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Another study demonstrated that a person’s afterburn is sure to increase over time. In simpler terms, it also means that the more intense and the longer the work out, the higher the calories and oxygen you will burn.

Therefore, it is not necessary that you work out for excessively long hours to generate this effect. If you hire a professional that has the correct personal training certification, they will write you a specific program to do.

This is exactly where the combination of short and high intensity workout comes into play. Tabata, a workout programme where 20 seconds of activity is followed by ten seconds of resting period, is a good way to trigger afterburn.

If you would like to learn more about the afterburn effect and how this helps you to stay in great shape, enrol in an online personal trainer course and discover the tricks of the trade.

Clubbell training is a game of the mind that tastes your stamina and survival ability.

Survival instincts naturally show how one can stand long hours of hard effort without giving up. The mind’s ability to persevere is brought out. To win such training, one has to be very positive and focus on the task like it was easy. Some clubbell training involves doing things that are out-of-this-world. Mountain climbing, mad racing, racing on snow and other activities that are beyond the normal conditions that one is used to.

Winning is always a tall order because participants may give up along the way, some may get injured while some fear. Anyone winning such activity is deemed ready to face life much braver and mentally stronger. The psychology of participants is overstretched and tasted. Depending on the activity, one can have a positive attitude that can see them through to the winning end.

Participants need to have the right gear before they embark on any club training activity. This will be very essential in determine how far they go. Grip training is important as it helps one to hold their grip on whatever activity they are subjected to. Adding weights can be very effective as they increase one’s ability to resist other forces like while climbing step sections, always hire a clubbell trainer before you begin an exercise program. To achieve this, one can start with clubs that they are comfortable with until they attain the best level. Some activities will involve one running up and down mountains that can be really steep.

This can be challenging if one is not prepared; club training can be effective and helpful as it boosts the ability to move faster. One will feel much confident while racing past other participants struggling with muscle cramps. Weights help one reduce such draw backs like muscle cramps.

Pull-ups are very effective as they also help one attain a better grip. One should do more sit-ups and pull ups as the boost your muscles and strength. This can be very useful while climbing trees, crawling up walls and holding yourself on metal bars and sections where multitasking will be required.

Kettlebell Workouts for Your Abs

Kettlebells are cannonball shaped equipments made of cast iron with a handle on top. This unusual shape of the tool leads to an uneven distribution of weight which makes it tougher to manoeuvre and control it. And it is this difficulty that makes kettlebell workouts so effective for burning fat and toning muscles all over the body.

So if you are looking for a workout regime that will help your clients reduce that tough abdominal fat, kettlebells are just what you should use. Kettlebell courses teach you several movements using kettlebells that are specifically beneficial for toning and firming the abdominal region. If you have ever wondered what it takes to be an instructor, be sure to check out becoming an internationally accredited instructor where you can find the best kettlebell instructor qualifications.

The Turkish Get up

turkish getup

The Turkish get-up is one of the fundamental workouts taught at kettlebell courses. It is a full body workout that gives your abs a good workout especially while you sit up from the supine position.

To do this, begin by lying on your back. Lift the kettlebell overhead with your left arm while keeping your eyes fixed on the equipment. Rotate the arm till the kettlebell is lying against your forearm and the entire arm is placed comfortably on the shoulder joint.

Bend the left leg till it is 90 degrees to the floor and stretch the right arm till it is at 45 degrees to the floor. Grip the kettlebell firmly by the horn and sit up following the line of your left arm.

Next, push with the heel of your left leg and move into a full hip extension. Sweep the right leg back and into a half knee position. Remove the right hand from the floor and straighten into your body. Remove eyes from the kettlebell and stare forward. Stand up slowly, steady yourself and reverse the entire movement till you are once again lying on your back.

The Kettlebell Halo

This workout will compel your clients to use all their abdominal muscles; both on the surface and muscles embedded deep within. Select a kettlebell weight that the client can easily lift over her head.

To begin hold the kettlebell firmly by both hands and lift it in a straight motion above the head. Next, rotate the kettlebell first in a clockwise motion for 10 times and then in an anticlockwise motion for 10 times more. This completes one set.

The Kettlebell Renegade Row

This workout is taught at kettlebell courses as a modified plank done while holding a kettlebell. When performed correctly, this workout has a massive impact on your abdominal muscles and the muscles on the back. The abs are specifically worked hard from preventing your hips from sagging down while you perform this exercise.

To do this workout, take a high pushup position and hold the kettlebell in left hand. Raise the kettlebell to chest height while keeping the elbow close to the body. Next, twist the left shoulder and keep the ribs open while drawing the kettlebell close to the chest. Return to the high pushup position and repeat for 10 times to complete one set. Repeat the set with the other hand.

Weight Loss Rules for Lasting Results

If you decide to start a weight loss programme, you would definitely want the results to be permanent. Going through all the trouble of exercise routines, eating healthy food, etc. for a long period of time to take of weight, deserves the reward of a slimmer you with the flab gone forever.

healthy food

Develop the right lifestyle

Putting up with dieting and exercising for a short period of time is useless. How loose weight and ensure you stay fit and trim you have to be firm, making the changes in your diet – permanent is a goal many people strive for. An occasional deviation to enjoy certain foods is OK, but if you cut those calories just for a short time reverting to your previous eating ways, you will put back all the weight before you know it.

A gradual process

When you go in for weight loss, you should track the number of pounds you are able to shed say in the first two months. If you see you have lost a decent amount of weight, you will feel motivated. Because of for the first couple of weeks you should watch your diet strictly to help with momentum.

Do not consume sugar, unrefined carbs and alcohol. After the first two weeks you could add small quantities of the abovementioned foods to your diet. But incorporate them in such a way that will allow you to stay healthy. Track the number of drinks you have and limit foods like pizza etc to a slice at a time.

Cardio and strength training

Which exercises really help your body to build muscle and increase your calorie-burning ability and metabolism is the interval and strength training. It is recommended that you do strength training at least 2-3 days in a week. Cardio exercises could be done for 3-5 sessions which will help you to burn around 400 calories at each session, I train with my weight loss coach in Melbourne every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

When you work out you will automatically burn fat and calories and your metabolism gets a boost to build muscle. However, if you overestimate the amount of calories you burn and underestimate the amount you take in your body will sense the difference and your hunger pangs will go up. This will in turn make you want to hog food and destroy all the good work of calories already burnt.

Beware of junk food

When it comes to food you should know that not all calories are the same. Some processed foods are high in fat and starch and are capable of causing inflammation. Such inflammation affects the hormone messages that inform your brain that you should be feeling ‘full’. Because of this you then eat more and often turn to junk food. It is like trying to make do with just one serving of chips – you cannot stop there! How many calories per day should I eat depends on how much exercise you do, and what your current weight is.

So you need to spruce up your diet and instead go in for unprocessed foods such as lean protein, vegetables and healthy fats. After a few weeks your brain will get regular hunger signals and you will not feel the need to go on binging on junk food.

A good tip would be to keep a record of the meals you eat when going in for weight loss. It will help you to be more accountable when choosing and eating food and in the process make you more accountable.

Exercises to Build Your Core

Even if you are not aiming for six-pack abs, toning and strengthening your core is still important. You will not really be able to complete most of your daily chores comfortably and safely if you do not have strong back and abdominal muscles. Lifting that grocery bag or maintaining a correct posture at office becomes so easier once you have a strong and well-toned core region. That is why your Chino Hills personal trainer will always include a few core strengthening workouts as part of your fitness training routine.

Why Core Training is Absolutely Essential

Core strengthening workouts enhance the strength, endurance and flexibility of the muscles of your abdomen, back and the pelvic region. This is the region that is literally the ‘core’ area of your body and the muscles here allow you to do most of your regular activities. A weak core will force you to compromise on the quality of life you lead as it can result in backache, muscle fatigue, physical exhaustion and injury when you try to do an activity that is beyond your capacity. A Chino Hills personal trainer will show you how to improve your core through regular exercise so that you can enjoy life just the way you want to.

Chino Hills personal trainer

Exercises to Build Your Core

There are ample exercises that are especially suited to target the core region. Your Chino Hills personal trainer will select the most appropriate ones that show best results in measurable time. Always remember to repeat each exercise for as many times as indicated by your personal trainer and follow correct warming up and cooling down techniques.

Abdominal Crunches

This is a classic core strengthening workout that targets the major and minor muscles of the abdominal region. To do this you must lie on your back with both feet lifted and rested against the wall and hips and knees bent at 90degrees. Hold the abdominal muscles firm and gently raise your head and shoulders off the workout mat. To avoid overstraining, cross both arms on the chest instead of locking them behind the head. Hold for three counts and gently return to initial position.

The Bridge

This exercise targets several muscles of your core region simultaneously. To do this, lie on your back with both knees bent at the joints and feet placed firmly on floor. Let the back lie normally without being pressed to the ground. Tighten the abdominal muscles and then gently life your hips off the workout mat till your knees and hips form one straight but slanted line with your shoulders (that are touching the mat). Hold for three counts and return to normal position.

Single-leg Abdominal Press

This is another popular and extremely effective core strengthening workout. Start off by lying on your back with both knees bent at angles and both feet placed on the mat. Stay in a neutral position without pressing the back on the floor. Next, tighten the abdominal muscles and raise one leg off the mat so that both knee and hip are bent at ninety degree angles. Lift the arm on the same side and place your hand on your raised knee. Now push the knee with your hand away from you while using the strength of your abdominal muscles to pull it towards you. Hold for three counts and gently return to initial position.

Why You Should Exercise After Plastic Surgery

Exercise is an essential part of life, no matter if you are having surgery or not. But if you are in need of surgery, any surgery, it can be even more important that you get some exercises lined up for each day, for after your surgery, as part of your healing and recuperation period.

Before plastic surgery, exercise is essential in getting your body conditioned and in shape, so that you can handle the operation better. It will also help you to have an easier, more successful recovery period. It will help to tighten muscles, as well as your skin.

Surgery of any kind can take a lot out of you, and plastic surgery is no different. Sydney plastic surgeons say no matter what type of plastic surgery you have, and no matter what part of the body you are having the plastic surgery on, the surgery is taxing on it. You will need strength for getting through the procedure, as well as strength for healing after the operation. This is why it is essential to get proper exercise, no matter what procedure you are having.

It’s always best to get exercise before you have a surgical procedure. This helps to make your body stronger, and conditions muscles; including, breathing muscles. Exercise ahead of time, also prepares your body to be able to handle exercises that you will do after the procedure. You won’t be starting from scratch.

Exercise before surgery helps to facilitate the healing process, maybe even shorten your healing time. And exercise after your procedure will help you to regain your strength quicker. It will help to not only keep your body strong, but your mental wellbeing strengthened as well. A strong mental status will help you to not only be able to handle a medical procedure, or surgery, but to be able to deal with whatever you may have lying ahead of you in terms of recuperation.

Exercise will aid your muscles in not losing much strength, as well as help to prevent muscle atrophy. You will have better tone and strength in them, as you recuperate. Of course, a big part of exercising post-operatively can depend on the type of plastic surgery you have with Sydney plastic surgeons. A lot rides on the body part(s) operated on, how in-depth the procedure is, and how well the procedure goes. If everything goes as planned with no complications, then this will help the healing process. A faster healing time means being able to get back to life, quicker, and back to exercising faster.

Most plastic surgeries will require you to not overdo certain activities so that you do not damage the work. Walking is always a good way to get exercise. Walking does not overuse muscles, or overexert your body so that you cause injury to the work done, or on other areas of the body that may be sore from the procedure.

Before starting a workout, or exercise program, it is always best to discuss it with your doctor. Keep him informed of your plans and make sure that he agrees that it is safe, and beneficial to you and your procedure.

Questions you Should Always Ask a New Personal Trainer before Beginning a Workout Session

The overall efficiency of your workout sessions and indeed your long and short term fitness goals depend upon the quality of services of your trainer. Also, the faster you are able to formulate an open communication system and trust with your trainer, the more you are able to concentrate on achieving your goals. Don’t shy away from asking questions to your Rozelle personal trainer. After all, information is your right.

Will you be able to modify my regime to suit specific limitations?

If you have health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, lingering back aches, knee problems etc then you will be subject to certain limitations. In other words you won’t be able to do all the exercises on the list of your personal trainer.

In this scenario, it’s wiser to check out beforehand whether the trainer can adjust your schedule to your altered needs. Every good trainer has at least 3 alternatives to any particular kind of exercise so modifying your regimen shouldn’t be an issue for a competent trainer.

What dietary modifications should be made to achieve health goals faster?

Your Rozelle personal trainer will act as a holistic fitness guide for you. Once you communicate your health goals to you and he/she fixes your workout regimen then an appropriate diet plan needs to be worked out.

Its common knowledge that exercise goals need to b supplemented with a diet plan. All this is especially true when you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle and been paying no particular attention to your diet. In this case a graduated diet chart where you slowly fast track your way into fitness is needed.

Visit to get free meal plans and dietary guidelines to achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Rozelle personal trainer

Will you be able to adjust my classes?

This is probably the most important question clients should ask their trainers before signing up for boot camp Lilyfield. Due to the pressing demands of your work life and social obligations, you might be missing one or two of your sessions. Though it’s advisable to keep your workout sessions as a top priority in your life it’s also re-assuring to know that your personal trainer is accommodating enough.

Never hire a trainer who is too busy to adjust your classes as his/her schedule is too full. Ask questions like “what happens if classes get cancelled due to bad weather?”, “what happens if trainer is absent?” etc. the answers will help you find how accommodating your trainer is going to be.

Is it needed to do warm up sessions or certain exercises at home?

If you have led a sedentary lifestyle at home or are training for an athletic event or are moving onto a new exercise area, you might be asked to practice some exercise moves at home. Ask your trainer about the kind of clothes you should wear while exercising, the meal schedule post and prior to your workout and the warm up that you need to do by yourself. Asking questions will help clarify doubts and establish a cooperative rapport with Rozelle personal trainer.