About Us

What??!! Yet Another Keep Fit Blog?
Oh yeah, but not Just fitness: Pure Fitness!

And there’s a difference – I was dismayed when I was researching other sites to get ideas to adapt for my own exercise programs, to inspire and drive me on… I got the 30-minute quick fit videos, and the How-To set up a cheap and cheerful gym in your own home, even the examples that show how to get fit without exercise (!) had some great ideas… but it just wasn’t good enough.

You see, in my mind, just fitness is really only half the story (if that!), a bit like only chips (without vinegar – my own guilty pleasure!)… so a quick-fix idea to get your cardio levels up is a good thing, but it can never be the whole thing.

Pure Fitness, my keep fit blog, wants to deliver a complete experience: an array of examples running the gamut from outdoor fitness to personal nutrition, exercise ideas to motiviational stories, the complete package: Purely about Fitness.

It may seem big, it may seem grand, and you may disagree with me, But what I would love is to here from you, and what your thoughts are, either by leaving a comment or writing me via the contact page.

You might suspect you can be doing better – and I know I could be, but together we can get better!

Stay Pure – Danelle H.