Exercises to Build Your Core

Even if you are not aiming for six-pack abs, toning and strengthening your core is still important. You will not really be able to complete most of your daily chores comfortably and safely if you do not have strong back and abdominal muscles. Lifting that grocery bag or maintaining a correct posture at office becomes so easier once you have a strong and well-toned core region. That is why your Chino Hills personal trainer will always include a few core strengthening workouts as part of your fitness training routine.

Why Core Training is Absolutely Essential

Core strengthening workouts enhance the strength, endurance and flexibility of the muscles of your abdomen, back and the pelvic region. This is the region that is literally the ‘core’ area of your body and the muscles here allow you to do most of your regular activities. A weak core will force you to compromise on the quality of life you lead as it can result in backache, muscle fatigue, physical exhaustion and injury when you try to do an activity that is beyond your capacity. A Chino Hills personal trainer will show you how to improve your core through regular exercise so that you can enjoy life just the way you want to.

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Exercises to Build Your Core

There are ample exercises that are especially suited to target the core region. Your Chino Hills personal trainer will select the most appropriate ones that show best results in measurable time. Always remember to repeat each exercise for as many times as indicated by your personal trainer and follow correct warming up and cooling down techniques.

Abdominal Crunches

This is a classic core strengthening workout that targets the major and minor muscles of the abdominal region. To do this you must lie on your back with both feet lifted and rested against the wall and hips and knees bent at 90degrees. Hold the abdominal muscles firm and gently raise your head and shoulders off the workout mat. To avoid overstraining, cross both arms on the chest instead of locking them behind the head. Hold for three counts and gently return to initial position.

The Bridge

This exercise targets several muscles of your core region simultaneously. To do this, lie on your back with both knees bent at the joints and feet placed firmly on floor. Let the back lie normally without being pressed to the ground. Tighten the abdominal muscles and then gently life your hips off the workout mat till your knees and hips form one straight but slanted line with your shoulders (that are touching the mat). Hold for three counts and return to normal position.

Single-leg Abdominal Press

This is another popular and extremely effective core strengthening workout. Start off by lying on your back with both knees bent at angles and both feet placed on the mat. Stay in a neutral position without pressing the back on the floor. Next, tighten the abdominal muscles and raise one leg off the mat so that both knee and hip are bent at ninety degree angles. Lift the arm on the same side and place your hand on your raised knee. Now push the knee with your hand away from you while using the strength of your abdominal muscles to pull it towards you. Hold for three counts and gently return to initial position.